After your flight

We hope that your flight went well and you enjoyed your experience with us. However we do realise that occasionally there can be a problem. Our cabin crew will always be happy to assist whilst you are on-board and our ground staff are available when you have landed. However if you have any queries or comments please review the information on this page.


For any claim (delays, cancellations, excess baggage etc) please contact your Travel Agent. It is to them that you should direct any complains related to your trip. They will forward your remarks to their suppliers, which can include the airline.

Damaged baggage / Missing contents

If your baggage is damaged or your personal objects are missing, please inform the airport Baggage Service upon arrival who will ask you to fill in a Property Irregularity form. They will take you through the process of claiming.

If for some reason you cannot file the Property Irregularity form immediately with the airport Baggage Service, you have seven days to submit your complaint in writing. It’s important that you keep your original boarding pass and baggage receipts that were given to you at check-in.

You will also need to notify your travel insurance company of the claim as soon as possible.

ASL Airlines (Ireland) Baggage Service:

ASL Airlines Ireland
No. 3 Malahide Rd.
Swords, Co. Dublin

Delayed/lost baggage

Before leaving the airport, you must check-in at the airport Baggage Service and fill in the Property Irregularity Report form.

The form allows the baggage service to trace your lost baggage and deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Make sure that you keep hold of your original boarding pass and baggage tag receipts that were given to you at check-in.

If your baggage is not found within five days you have 21 days from your arrival to send the original boarding pass and baggage tag receipts, the Property Irregularity Report, an inventory of all the items lost along with photocopies of all invoices for those items to our company’s Baggage Service (see above). We would recommend that you take copies of all items that you send beforehand for your own records.

Lost and found

On board an aircraft

If you have lost or forgotten a personal item on one of our aircraft please contact our Customer Services team

At an airport

If you have lost or forgotten a personal item at an airport please visit the website of the airport to contact the Lost and Found service.