Commonly referred to as a wet lease, an Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, Insurance (ACMI) agreement with ASL Airlines gives you a fully dedicated aircraft, crewed, maintained and insured to ensure your customers’ demands are met with schedules and destinations of your choosing.

For over 50 years as an ACMI operator, ASL Airlines has provided a flexible, safe, reliable and vastly experienced option that has seen ASL become the largest Boeing 737 cargo operator in the world.

Without having the capital risks of leasing or owning an aircraft, the associated long-term commitments and the increase in personnel required to operate the fleet adjustment, it gives you the freedom to focus on your core business and expand to new emerging markets.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple aircraft type capabilities.
  • Flexibility of payload capacity with ASL fleet of ATR72, B737-400, B737-800, A300-600 and A330-300 freighters.
  • Facilitates new market and route evaluation and growth.
  • Timely integration into existing or new networks without upscaling and investment in your resources.
  • 24hr support of the operation with engineering, crew scheduling, flight dispatch and operations control centre.