ASL Future Flight

Committed to Sustainability

ASL Airlines Ireland subsidiary, ASL Future Flight, has been awarded a Light UAS Aircraft Systems Operator Certificate (LUC) by the Irish Aviation Authority.

The ASL Future Flight LUC serves as an invaluable operational certificate

This LUC guarantees its holder with a range of privileges, including the potential to initiate commercial drone operations without requiring an operational authorisation from the IAA. This empowers us to engage in activities such as short-range delivery of lightweight cargo, opening new dimensions of efficiency and service excellence.

Primarily our focus will be on utilising the LUC to train and refine our drone operations expertise. This essential phase will pave the way for us to seamlessly transition into more complex and extended-range missions, furthering our contribution to the future of aviation.

Environmental Sustainability Commitments
and Endorsements

This milestone represents our first step toward future-proofing ASL’s capabilities to meet the evolving demands of unmanned flight technologies and licencing. Our dedicated team at ASL Future Flight is poised to embark on a journey of training and meticulous flight testing, all while formulating comprehensive strategies for unmanned flight leveraging larger drones. Such endeavours will necessitate a Certified Category Authorisation, akin to AOC certification process observed by commercial airlines.