ASLI Gets Comfy for Charity!

Dublin, 5th December 2019 – On a recent visit to the Amazon offices in Luxembourg, ASLI staff were delighted to take part in #AmazonGoesGold in aid of childhood cancer.

Globally, 100,000 children die from cancer every year with the illness being the leading cause of death by disease among children in many countries. The affected children spend many days/months in their pyjamas in hospitals so in order to highlight the cause all staff and visitors were asked to come to work in their pyjamas for the day.

#AmazonGoesGold not only raised awareness around the issue, but brought to the spotlight the incredible work that is being done by many organisations to increase survival rates and find a cure for childhood cancer.

Following on from this event, ASLI staff went on to take part in a fundraiser for World Mental Health Day with an aim to do our part to support this cause and help break the stigma around mental health. All staff were asked to wear casual clothes and donated money for doing so. It served as an important reminder to never be afraid to speak to a friend or a colleague about anything. A lunchtime walk or chat can be more effective than you think for you or someone else. It’s always OK to mind your mental health!

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