Four in a Row!

Dublin, 2nd February 2017 – ASL Ireland are delighted to announce that for the 4th year in a row we have won the Peak Performance award. The award is in recognition of outstanding performance during the peak period and for helping FedEx deliver the Purple Promise to their customers.

The criteria for achieving the award is to maintain a reliability level above 99.3% and a regularity level above 99.7% for the six week period leading up the Christmas. During the 2016 peak period ASLI operated 909 flights with only 6 accountable delays which is a reliability of 99.34% and a regularity of 99.78%.
To achieve this award once is remarkable but to achieve it consistently for four years in a row is exceptional. This performance demonstrates ASL Ireland’s meticulous planning, diligent focus, constant determination & belief in our abilities to deliver excellent results.

A big thank you to all who contributed to this great result and we intend to recognise this remarkable achievement for all staff in the coming weeks.
We look forward to the opportunity and challenge to repeat this result in 2017.

Come on 5 in a row!

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